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Hops N Harvest Celebration and Fundraiser
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This Spring, Bison Organic Brew, start growing hops throughout the East Bay. If you haven't heard of them or tasted their beer - WoW! You're missing out on something special. One of the grow sites is at Victory Garden Foundation's Peoples Victory Garden in Oakland CA at the Telegraph Community Center. Not only is this the site of the Peoples Victory Garden; but volunteers work tirelessly to serve the clients of the Food Pantry sponsored by the Telegraph Ministry.

To celebrate the harvesting of the hops, crops, and the communities we serve; we wanted a way to spread the word and at the same time provide an opportunity to current and new supporters to be a part of joining East Bay communities in a celebration and fundraising.

Since 2008, Victory Garden Foundation has provided free services to individuals and groups in the form of edible gardening education and training; seed and seedling giveaways; community organizing for edible gardening and climate change solutions advocacy. We want to continue to offer free services. And, with your help; we can continue and hopefully do more!

Special thanks to Bison Organic Brew, title sponsor for this first every Victory Garden Foundation fundraiser.

Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent of the law. Tax ID: 27-0598299


An Event for All Ages

Edible Garden Classes - Special guests appearing!

Brewing Demonstration & Tasting by Bison Organic Brew

Children's Games and Activities

Home Products for Your Enjoyment!

Vendors and Community Organizations

Live Music and Entertainment -Special guests appearing!

Bison Organic Brew and Garden Harvest!

Your help is needed!

How you can help! 

Your event admissions donation and presence is all we ask. We intend to do the rest to provide fun for all ages with entertainment and learning -  Saturday, November 9, 2013 "Hops 'N' Harvest."

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  • If you're not able to attend; you may contribute in several ways:
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    • Add us to your company's Community Giving contribution. Just provide this information to your company: Organization Name: The Victory Garden Foundation Inc; Tax ID: 27-0598299
    • Become a sponsor, sign up to sell your products, participate as a health or community organization providing helpful information to the attendees. If interested in this option: Send an email to
  • Help us spread the word by RSVPing to our Facebook page and invite your friends:
  • Tweet to your Twitter followers about the event - (hashtag) #HopsNHarvest #BisonBrew
  • Let us know where our friends are gathering - we would love to chat with them and provide a personal invitation.

About the Crops

Victory Garden Foundation is sponsoring four (4) Peoples Victory Gardens and one (1) School Victory Garden in the Oakland CA. When you click on the link; you'll go to the gardens' websites for garden members, volunteers and partners. You know you'll want to get in on all the good news and good crops. Just go to the websites for more information and the garden calendar. Garden members grow their food at these gardens at No Charge!!

Your contribution, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated and allows more people to grow their food without investing in garden infrastructure and supplies. The Victory Garden Foundation has provided the place and tools to garden for many years. We want to continue this model. Why? Because it just makes sense (cents) to us! Spend a $1 and harvest $25 worth of crop!

Share and Swap Your Crop - Ends Friday, October 25, 2013 and returns at Hops 'N' Harvest (1 - 5 pm or until crops are all gone!)

Bring organic produce to swap or give; and clothes, books, music, garden supplies accepted, too!

About The Hops

Humulus lupulus 'Cascade' Hops

A perennial climber that sends vigorous new shoots up in early spring and dies back to cold-hardy rhizomes in Autumn. They'll 'sleep' throughout the Winter and sprout again in the Spring - a continuous crop. Usually the first year of growing is a bit thin with year two becoming the shining year with many more hop flowers.

If the first year growth at Peoples Victory Garden at Telegraph Center is a growth gauge for year two - WoW!! We're in for a really boom crop in 2014.

This plant is mainly grown for its fragrant female flower cones (hops) and used extensively in brewing for its antibacterial and bittering effects which balances the sweetness of malt to produce a variety of desirable flavors and odors.

Hops is an herbal plant which has been grown for hundreds of years as medicine originating in Great Britain with affinities, botanically speaking another group to which Stinging Nettles belong (another wonderful herb). The leaves and flower-heads have been used also to produce a fine brown dye. It's the Lupulin, separated from the strobiles that carries the valuable properties of hops. Among other medicinal uses; Hops have been used to increase appetite and promote sleep.

For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

page last updated: October 31, 2013


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